Undergrad Thesis

Relax Shoulders, Loosen Grip, Exhale and Begin

Relax Shoulders, Loosen Grip, Exhale and Begin is a body of work about finding joy amidst physically tense moments and creating time to pause and reflect.

It explores the methodical process of creating patterned drawings by adding one small circle, line, or other similar mark at a time until the page is fully or mostly covered, creating room for mindfulness and reflection.

Permanent pen is drawn directly on the paper without any explicit plan. Foregoing the option of undoing, editing or starting over, each drawing becomes a sanctuary away from the pressure of perfection.

Working in this way allows for the freedom to draw in response to a thought or an emotion and allows for vulnerability to enter the creative process.

Often abstracted from nature, these dense, decorative works allow one to get lost in the details, providing a mental break as well.

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