Graduate Art

Dominican University of California

MA in Marriage and Family Therapy (Art Therapy)

Class/Practicum Site Art Directives and Personal Art

——-Spring 2024——

Annual GATSA Art Exhibition

———Fall 2023——–

AT5356 Practicum/AT5371 Seminar Extension

Process work, death of client’s family member
Fragmented Me
Personal work: “Sunflowers”
Personal work: “Roses”
Personal work: “Poppies”
Closing gift for my Therapist
Closing gift for my Supervisor
Pumpkin painting for the GATSA art fair booth
Personal work: “Flower Fairy”

AT5236 Substance Use Disorder

Feelings Wheel
Safe Space Box
Outside Me
Inside Me
Soul Card
Amusement Park Art Directive
Art Experiential Project, Final Reflection Art
“28 Days” Movie Reflection (1)
“28 Days” Movie Reflection (2)
“28 Days” Movie Reflection (3)
Treatment Center Presentation, Brochure (1)
Treatment Center Presentation, Brochure (2)

AT5245 Human Sexuality

Origins of Sexuality Project
Class Art Reflection Piece

AT5225 Psychological Assessment II

Bridge Drawing
Road Drawing
DDS (1)
DDS (2)
DDS (3)
Free Drawing
HTP: House
HTP: Tree
HTP: Person 1
HTP: Person 2
Person in the Rain
Kinetic Family Drawing

—— Summer 2023 ——

AT5325 Metaphors in Psychopathology: Adults

Rainbow Collage
Art for Anxiety
Landscape of Soft Corners
Protector Mandala
Closure Scribble
Mother Earth
Louis Wain Inspired Cat Drawing
Personal Work: “Mama Bird and Her Babies”
Wishing Tree Tag (front)
Wishing Tree Tag (back)
“Unique Shapes” Rocket Ship

AT5320 Metaphors in Psychopathology: Adolescents

Paint on a mirror directive: “How your teenage self would want others to see you.”
Directive: “Draw a passionate or painful memory of your teenage life.”
Directive: “Draw a representation of a positive memory from your adolescence.”
Directive: “Draw the goals you had for your current life as if you were your teenage self.”

AT5300 Art Therapy Techniques: Group Experience

Transitional object: “Tap into other ways of knowing for now on.”
Repetition of the word “tired” to make a design
Doodle in class

AT5263 Child Abuse: Assessment & Treatment

Safe Space: Fishbowl Analogy
Self Care: “Sometimes feels like chasing the end of a rainbow.”
Superhero: “The Power to Harness
Inner Peace”
Cultural Humility: “Not having it is like a white snowball, where misunderstanding and judgment build from generation to generation.” 

—— Spring 2023 ——

Personal Work: “Oh, Let’s Go Fly a Kite and Send it Soaring”

AT5370(B) Seminar II and Oral Qualifying Review

Spring 2023 Art Therapy Psychology Oral Capstone Presentation
Please send me a message if you would like to watch!
Orals Certificate of Achievement
Response Art: Front of Embroidered Jacket
Response Art: Back of Embroidered Jacket
San Mateo County Fair 1st place for wearable embroidery: “Garden Jacket”

——— Fall 2022 ———

AT5350(A) Practicum 1: UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, SF

Amy’s Rainbow Art Cart!
Landscape Mosaic Collage: Sunset Over the Mountains and Field
Landscape Mosaic Collage: Beach Day Under a Palm Tree
Watercolor Sunset
Fall Leaves Watercolor
Jungle Watercolor
Scarcity vs Abundance Mindset
Build and Paint Spaceship
Ladybug Box
Orange Soda
King Owl
Rainbow Unicorn
Symmetry Print: Baby Yoda
Halloween Pumpkin
Symmetry Print: Lungs
Bee Box
Fall Color Sunset
Watercolor Crayon Painting
Animal Picnic Diorama
Balloons From Circles Drawing
Turtles From Circles Drawing

AT5365(A) Seminar I

Weekly Art Check-In

AT4266: Domestic Violence- Assessment and Treatment

Red Sand Project
Bleeding Tissue Experiment 1
Bleeding Tissue Experiment 2
Emotional response to “Rescuer”
Reframe Violence Responsibility (1/2)
Reframe Violence Responsibility (2/2)
Different Point of View – Red Flags
Poem Visual Representation
Sea Glass Metaphor of Therapeutic Relationship

——— Summer 2022 ———

AT5305: Special Populations

“Woven Community: Growth and Healing”
“Shutting Down vs. Standing Up in Moments of Conflict”
“School Testing Shame”
Current Mood Cool-Down Activity
What Does Truth Mean to You? Layered Activity: “Love”
Countries of Origin Flag
Color and Shape Emotion Response
Amy’s Personal Instruction Manual
Earliest Memory of Joy: “Family Beach Day”

AT5315: Metaphors of Psychopathology: Children

Insomni-monster’s Night-time Routine
Creative Family Genogram

AT5310: Integrating Creative Arts

Found Poetry Exercise
2 Tarot Card Re-creation
Continued Story Scribble: Rounds 1 and 2

9/11 Drama Therapy
Video Response
“Ancient and Modern World Collide”
Family Shoe Project
H20 Mermaid

H20 Mermaid Sea Glass Home

AT5360: Introduction to Sandplay

Sandtray Exercise 1
Sandtray Exercise 2
Sandtray Exercise 3
(Partner) Sandtray Exercise 4

——— Spring 2022 ———

AT5205: Advanced Human Development

Persona Mask: “Bright Face”
(Front View)
Persona Mask: “Bright Face”
(Top View)

Persona Mask: “Bright Face”
(Bottom View)
Problem Mandala: “Healthy Me”
Grounding Sound Exercise:
“Free to Explore”
(Part 1)
Grounding Sound Exercise:
“Free to Explore”
(Part 2)
Who We Are Quilt:
Pretty Girls Wear Pink”
Meditative Clay Use:
Heavy Heart Divided”
Protective Animal: “Teddy”
A Wall That Blocks You & How To Get Around: “Get to May”
Gift For An Elder: Gandma’s Firework
First Memory:
“Ladybug Birthday”
What it’s Like To Be Your Age:
“One Step at a Time”
Sociocultural Theory Presentation: “Collaborative Environment Comic with Kenny”
Developmental Timeline Project: “Amy’s Developmental Timeline”

AT 5210: Methods of Group and Family Therapy

Social Atom Project: “My Family Garden”
Altered Book: Feminist Reframe
(Sample Page 1)

Altered Book: Feminist Reframe
(Sample Page 2)
Altered Book: Feminist Reframe
(Sample Page 3)
Altered Book: Feminist Reframe
(Sample Page 4)
The Table Experience: “Balanced Meal”
Who Are You?:
“Dampen the Swirl”
Personality Pizza
Gender, Culture and Ethnicity Shield  
The Kind of Clinician and Team Member You Aspire to Be:
Top: “We’ll Keep the Light on For You” Bottom: “Solid as a Rock”
Self-Cultivate Garden and Tools
Self Care Identity

Overcoming Client Resistance (Group Collaboration)

Pratt Puzzle (Group Collaboration)

Anxious Self on a Mountain and Solution: “Getting Through the Bear-iers”
Family as a Road Map: “State of Divide”

AT5260: Law and Ethics II

Graduation Cap
Core Value: Consistency of Waves
Anxiety Process Art
Emotional Self Portrait: “Inverse”
Cultural Lens: Combatting Privilege

Personal Art

Red, Yellow, Green & Black Doodle
Madonna and Child with Sunflowers
“Spring Joy” Pattern

——— Fall 2022 ———

AT5215: Principles of Marriage and Family Therapy

Family Shield: “Let the Work Speak”
Teacup Ritual: “My Happy Cup” Inside
Teacup Ritual: “My Happy Cup” Inside

Class Cultural Quilt Project:
“Three Generations of Crafters”
Class Cultural Quilt Project
Sugar Skull:
“Let Him Go So Life Stays Sweet”
Creative Genogram:
“My Intertwined Family”
Lifeline: “The Big Boom”
Personality Puppets: “Inner Master Therapist”

Personality Puppets: “Inner Shadow Therapist”
Personality Puppets: “Inner Novice Therapist”

AT5200: Communication and Counseling Skills

Symbol of Self and Change: “Nature Mandala of Me”
Create a Cultural Path: “Uphill Climb”
Scribble Drawing:
“Little Dragon’s Fire-Breathing Training”
Persona/Shadow Mandala:
“My Persona/Shadow”
Gender Influence Collage:
“How to Be Pretty”
8 Feelings Assignment: Stage 1
8 Feelings Assignment: Stage 2
“Who I am, who I want to be.”
Open Studio Process:
“Personalized Note Cards” Front 1
Open Studio Process:
“Personalized Note Cards” Back 1
Open Studio Process:
“Personalized Note Cards” Front 2
Open Studio Process:
“Personalized Note Cards” Back 2

AT5100: History & Foundations of Art Therapy

“Future Identity as an Art Therapist” Project

AT5269: Eldercare in the 21st Century

“Nesting Dolls” Project