Amy Bainton

I am an artist based in the Bay Area of California. I work primarily in drawing and I enjoy exploring the medium’s meditative routes towards contending with physical tensions, finding joy, and creating time to pause and reflect.

In May 2021, I completed my B.A. with a concentration in Visual Arts and a minor in Psychology from the University of San Diego. I am currently furthering my education in the fields of psychology and art by pursuing a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy (Art Therapy) degree at Dominican University of California.

In December 2023, I completed my Practicum Experience after working as a Therapist Trainee at a Bay Area based Children’s hospital and at an elementary school. I experienced opportunities to develop my therapeutic skills while learning to create assessments, treatment plans and art-based interventions for the patients and K-5th student populations I served. I am honored to have supported my community through this academic opportunity, earning 1000+ experience hours.

I am looking forward to the next phase of my graduate studies, where in January 2024 I will begin a Thesis Project while completing additional courses.

USD, Celebrating the Graduating Class of 2021: Amy Bainton

“For Amy Bainton, drawing is an exercise in mindfulness. Using permanent ink enables her to be focused — creating art that represents the beauty of the moment…Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Bainton knew from an early age that she wanted to study art. After taking courses in psychology, she decided to pursue a career in art therapy, hoping to bring joy to people through the power of art. Now, having finished her [five] years on campus, Bainton is thankful for the support she received and the opportunities she was given to learn and thrive at USD.” – U. of San Diego